‘LUXURY’ Fashion: Nigeria

Lady: “Estella, is XLenTê a Luxury store? I only shop at Luxury stores “Xlente Logo small transparent

Me: “please define ‘Luxury Store’ per #MadeInNigeria garments and fashion products? ”

Lady: ‘Like the ones sold at *-*–* store, from N100k up”

Me: “Really? You call the products luxury Because the prices are HIGH??!! Do the fabric, items used match the price? ”

Lady: ‹ silence›

Me: “For ‘Ankara’ designs, does Hollandais now make ‘special wrappers’ outside the regular ones in the market? Are there gold threads woven in them?  Do they use vucana wool? Vucana silk? ”

Lady: “er… But they stone them”

Me: “with rhinestones, original swarovski,  half carat diamonds,  diamanté or just plain shiny sparkling glasses? ”

Lady: “They shine. Plus time used to put the stones on”

Me: “you know these are iron-ons? Heat applied? ”

Lady: “Really? ”

Me: ” Yes, really! ”


OK, enough of people being ripped off with that tag “Luxury” just to over price garments!

We are trying, no, rather we are working so hard to get Nigerians to like #MadeInNigeria products, and some people hike up unnecessary prices that the buyers return to the foreign, imported wares.

So, I know production cost is higher here in Nigeria due to electricity issues and all…. But…. there has to be a limit/meeting point. Price high your bespoke order.. But Ready to Wear? Inside Nigeria?? Haba!
Make them good enough for Export!
Let us capture the heart of the people to embrace our local products FIRST! And if your production is costing you too much, review and restructure!

To those “luxury hungry’ buyers who feel that ‘the more expensive you buy it, the better you will look’ ermmmm… NO! UNLESS YOU gonna keep the price tag hanging… If not, the tailor at Yaba coulda made it as well. (Talking about the labor abuse going on in some designers’ manufacturing places is talk for another day! Excuse China! )

To me, it’s kinda an ‘insecurity’ thingy to pay more to gain self-confidence. Or to shop in certain places to be seen as ‘rich’. That ‘packaging’ thing! Sure, if the high price matches the quality though, definitely buy it!

See the dress in this post, now, that is LUXURY! The Italian lace cost my client about $600+ a YARD! She spent at least $1800 or thereabouts on fabrics alone! Ask of G-Street Fabrics store is Maryland, USA. Yup. Now, that kinda costly fabric, materials and notions that are real and expensive would add total ‘luxury’ to your garment.

Shop smart to buy MORE!

That said, XLenTê Shoppe is a pocket-friendly concession fashion outlet, where designers are carefully selected to make sure buyers get good value for their money, because our mission is to get more people wearing Nigerian made fashion products!

So, if you a SMART SHOPPER, then shop at XLenTê shoppe! We got something for EVERYone! If we have any item that is priced above over 50k, believe it, the designer put quality matching time, materials and fabrics in it!

Come in today… For reading this post to the end without cyber kicking me…. Lol, I give you 5% discount of all items you buy in the shoppe. Use coupon code ‘Xlluxury’, 😊edited_1465945885567

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