If a very fashionable woman went into coma in 1990 and woke up today, she would be shocked at the fashion-way-of-life  that used to be ‘taboos’ that are now the ‘trends’!

Ok, NOT this exactly, but cute though.Polka dot: I like this though...

My topic today is about:

  • Matching Lipsticks, Toe Nails and Finger Nails fad of the past, that is now like a taboo! Even though it was a huge trend before! I remember when a girl would be given a strange look of  “Does she know anything about fashion? How can she paint her toe nails pink and her finger nails red! Hmph!!!”

  • Matching Shoes and Bags fad of the past…that made so many girls break their bank accounts ‘JUST TO HAVE A BAG THAT MATCHED A PAIR OF SHOES!” but now, you can match any shoes to just any purse or bag! #NoQualms!

Let me take you down a pictorial memory lane to the present!

TREND or TABOO????  You decide!

This was in the 90s……..

matching collage BETS

red firematching collage

patterned nail and lips

They even got very creative latter in time….. but still matched!

crusty and sweet Ok.... ermm........ Let's just assume this was for a photo shoot and NOT for everyday look!


all colors

We metamorphosed into the ‘NO COLOR MUST BE SAME’ nail colored looks. #Sigh! What a task! Imagine the number of nail polish bottles  a girl would have on her make-up table to achieve these looks! !

I was wondering…. if we had stuck with the nails MUST match lip-color looks, I bet lots of ladies would be walking around with rainbow lips! lolol.

The artsy part of pedicure and manicure loomed out! With so many cute creations…..

pattern no lip match matching lip erm...none of thowse colors No match


just a diversion

Cute LONG Talons, huh? lolol

 How do you like this? hee hee hee…. NOT part of my post, but just wanna distract you a little.Confession Tuesday: Once, Twice, [Bleep], Yes, I did it too!



Now, back to my post…..

Oh! The Lips!  The Lips….the lips that used to match the nail polish, now NOT matching anymore…..but even going off-color sometimes! Like these ones below:

lips funny2 funny1 weird!

So, these lips are not your everyday lipstick, but…. you get my drift? [I hope so! lol}



Once upon a time, your shoes and bags MUST MATCH! Say What???!!!! Yup! Plus your belt too! Or you would  look ‘unfashionable!  Uh huh!


Louboutin-shoes-and-Gianfranco-Ferre-bag – JUST GET THE COLORS TO MATCH!

italian shoes and bags collage

Italian shoes, sequins, blings….just get them to MATCH!


Prefer casual Coachella? MATCH IT! for a PLUS++

LV matched

Louis Vuitton fanatic! MATCH IT ALL! belt, purse, wallet…..the whole shebang!



MATCHED! Down to the hardware on the bag! 🙂


in Recent years……. these are what we’ve seen…..

neon yellow heels

All Colors on all colors ~ just DON’T MATCH IT!


Yes gurl! She GOT THE MEMO! NO MATCHING SHOES BAGS or even clothes!

NO match

Animal print just about with anything! UN-MATCHED!

POP of colors. I like this …. LBD (Little Black Dress} sazzed up!


WHATEVER TREND or fad drags us to tomorrow….as long as there are colors involved, i am OK! I love colors! Just like the Indian festival of colors celebrate colors, I do too!

Have a lovely week ahead.