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BASH ME, If you can!

My blog has been about praising or bashing celebrities who walk the runway dressed right or wrong. So, I traveled to Nigeria, Africa and have been very busy, with joggling the stamping of… Continue reading

Susan Peters in COLD GOLD?

Dear Susan, before you say I am ‘hating’, [you deleted my comment on your instagram ], note: I’ve liked your past dress-sense, but this one, I’m sorry, I will say, NOT HOT! No… Continue reading

TRUTH: Nigerians are Fashionable!

For once, I will not light up my traffic lights! Because I am impressed with the fashion at this wedding! Guests took time to dress up to the T, in TRADITIONAL outfits! Please… Continue reading

Tonto ‘N’ Tottoo

Subject: Tonto ‘N’ Tottoo Tattoo Open Letter To Tonto Dikeh Dear Tonto, You are a great actor and have risen to the top in a very short time. Kudos to you. I love… Continue reading

Jerry Jideobi: REALLY!!?? WHAT da???!!

What is going on through your mind this minute, this second? …” WHAT da heck is he WEARing???” Oh well, WHAT ever you are asking, here are my own questions: WHAT is your stylist’s… Continue reading

Caroline Danjuma: PLEASE! What da!!??

Oops! Wrong title for a right post. Words fail me! I am in fashion heaven today. It is very nice to look at Nigerian  Red carpets and see looks that could very well… Continue reading

Estella Ogbonna: Fair is Fair! [updated]

I am very positive there are people who are already cussing me out right now. I can bet some bad words  has been shouted, whispered etc. I bet my new knee-high boots that… Continue reading

Lilian Bach: Shoes, purse and…Boobs.

Lilian Bach: I don’t know where to start from. Can we simply say you hard to rush out of the house? You have confused my traffic lights! Your cleavage = tightYour purse =… Continue reading

Tonto Dike: Boyish or Borish?

Tonto Dike, I HAVE seen you look better, so, WHY and WHAT were you trying to show us at the ‘Damage’ movie premiere! Because I was and am still lost! This is you… Continue reading

Uche Jombo: From Red to bad Black

Uche Jombo, please HOW did you go from this simple elegant red to black Boob-malfunction?It is a rhetorical question, please don’t answer. Green for GO. – Red Dress on the red carpet WHY… Continue reading