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‘LUXURY’ Fashion: Nigeria

Lady: “Estella, is XLenTê a Luxury store? I only shop at Luxury stores “ Me: “please define ‘Luxury Store’ per #MadeInNigeria garments and fashion products? ” Lady: ‘Like the ones sold at *-*–*… Continue reading

2016: Fashiony

Expectantly looking forward to 2016. Especially as I have been on a sort of hiatus. I return. …and i Return STRONGER! Better and more ‘fashiony’! [whatever that word means…) More fashion events, more… Continue reading

Ada Ogunkeye: Flapped or Frazzled? [updated]

I saw this picture on, I wondered who she is, and an Internet search returned Ada Ogunkeye as ‘Co-founder  of “Our by Juliada” a Nigerian BEAUTY Company:. Hmmmm….enough said! BUT……IF you are into ‘beauty’…..shouldn’t you have ‘some’… Continue reading

LBD: The Little Black Dress

You can never talk enough of the LBD. This is one essential wardrobe piece I’ve known and owned since I was 13 🙂 (yes, I was BORN this way! lol)As much as I… Continue reading