Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Tonto ‘N’ Tottoo

Subject: Tonto ‘N’ Tottoo Tattoo Open Letter To Tonto Dikeh Dear Tonto, You are a great actor and have risen to the top in a very short time. Kudos to you. I love… Continue reading

Jerry Jideobi: REALLY!!?? WHAT da???!!

What is going on through your mind this minute, this second? …” WHAT da heck is he WEARing???” Oh well, WHAT ever you are asking, here are my own questions: WHAT is your stylist’s… Continue reading

Caroline Danjuma: PLEASE! What da!!??

Oops! Wrong title for a right post. Words fail me! I am in fashion heaven today. It is very nice to look at Nigerian  Red carpets and see looks that could very well… Continue reading

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal: TGIF, +vely Glam.

Ok, I am taking the lights down today, at least, the Red Traffic lights. I was browsing Bella Naija and Ghana Celebrities, Phew! There surely were some well-dressed celebrities who got it right. So,… Continue reading

Estella Ogbonna: Fair is Fair! [updated]

I am very positive there are people who are already cussing me out right now. I can bet some bad words  has been shouted, whispered etc. I bet my new knee-high boots that… Continue reading

Lilian Bach: Shoes, purse and…Boobs.

Lilian Bach: I don’t know where to start from. Can we simply say you hard to rush out of the house? You have confused my traffic lights! Your cleavage = tightYour purse =… Continue reading

Susan Peters: Shoes ‘R’ Shining

Susan Peters, you are a very pretty lady. And you look amazing in this picture. AND, that is BECAUSE I cropped off your SHOES!!!  Ok, I am NOT saying you should have worn… Continue reading

Cossy Orjiakor: Gasping for Boobs [Oops, I meant AIR]

Let me first start with this special RED LIGHT. Ok, now to our subject.  COSSY, PLEASE WHAT???? WHY????  Errm…WHAT?? again!  I studied Biology in Secondary school and even in University, and I CANNOT remember… Continue reading