BASH ME, If you can!

My blog has been about praising or bashing celebrities who walk the runway dressed right or wrong.

So, I traveled to Nigeria, Africa and have been very busy, with joggling the stamping of my Fashion labels #Estella Couture and #JeanKara in the African market, and doing a stint as the Fashion Editor of Monalisa Magazine. The latter, has seen me being at several events and walking Red carpets as well. Am I a Celebrity in Nigeria now? Errmmmm……. Errmmmm…..

Anyhoo……in my rush down to Africa with just one suitcase for a short stay that has lasted 2 months now….of course, I am out of clothes to wear! I brought just 4 pairs of dress shoes, so, I ended up doing #ReStyleCle moves! So, pardon me when you see some dresses I had worn before….BUT the secret is: I changed the style! {ReSTYLEcle}, and used different accessories.

Check out the gold see-through lace below, I had used the lace dress over a gold colored stretch tube dress before……and they both look different! [Watch Out for my 2014 new collections that are meant to stretch your wardrobe, giving you more looks with less garments].

Now, I am at your mercy! lolol. Bash ME, if you can!

#EstellaCouture: Rich See-through Gold over a black dress.

#EstellaCouture: Gold Lace and Gold tube dress

Anne Klein’s Taffeta dress


Asymmetrical Blue Skirt by Estella Couture

Asymmetrical Blue Skirt by Estella Couture


The Green polka dot, Neck tie look.
Orange Burberry shirt, J.Crew Skirt, Umo Lorenzo neck tie, ALDO shoes..

#EstellaCouture: Gold and Burgundy Indian Sari and Chiffon ensemble

#EstellaCouture Yellow cotton and African print dress

Estella Ogbonna wearing #EstellaCouture

#EstellaCouture: Aso-Oke and Gele Skirt with Sequined lace top.

Cotton Print evening Gown (Estella Couture)