The Lights/Icons

This you see IF I LIKE
what you are wearing

SERIOUSLY? You want me to tell you what this means?
Now, I am really crying!

Thumbs DOWN

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Down

Red Light Alert

RED Light means STOP: Return Home!!! Fire your stylist, photographer, make-up artist! Whoever is to be blamed for your look!

Yellow light means YOU ARE HALF WAY.
Not totally good, and not despicable.


YES! This is THE LIGHT! You KNOW your fashion! Kudos! Keep it up! Psst…give your stylist a bonus! πŸ™‚

ALL LIGHTS ON! Means, I don’t get the fashion
point you are ‘trying’ to make!

YOU BLEW IT!The Light Transformer is about to BLOW too!
I Shed a Lone Tear for you fashion sense
!Please Spare us next time!
Do I need to tell you what this means?OK, it means I am Rolling On The Floor andLAUGHING at what you are wearing,

as words fail me to describe or qualify your garb!

SAD SAD face! Like, WHAT? WHY?I expected better from you!!


You DON’T Need this! So, please DRESS RIGHT!

Traffic Ticket - MUMA

Award-Winning International Fashion House.
Mrs. Estella πŸ˜‰