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Buckleless Swag

Johannes Maier….with his trademark belt wearing style – side buckle. I like

BASH ME, If you can!

My blog has been about praising or bashing celebrities who walk the runway dressed right or wrong. So, I traveled to Nigeria, Africa and have been very busy, with joggling the stamping of… Continue reading

Susan Peters in COLD GOLD?

Dear Susan, before you say I am ‘hating’, [you deleted my comment on your instagram ], note: I’ve liked your past dress-sense, but this one, I’m sorry, I will say, NOT HOT! No… Continue reading

TRUTH: Nigerians are Fashionable!

For once, I will not light up my traffic lights! Because I am impressed with the fashion at this wedding! Guests took time to dress up to the T, in TRADITIONAL outfits! Please… Continue reading

Tonto ‘N’ Tottoo

Subject: Tonto ‘N’ Tottoo Tattoo Open Letter To Tonto Dikeh Dear Tonto, You are a great actor and have risen to the top in a very short time. Kudos to you. I love… Continue reading

Caroline Danjuma: PLEASE! What da!!??

Oops! Wrong title for a right post. Words fail me! I am in fashion heaven today. It is very nice to look at Nigerian  Red carpets and see looks that could very well… Continue reading

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal: TGIF, +vely Glam.

Ok, I am taking the lights down today, at least, the Red Traffic lights. I was browsing Bella Naija and Ghana Celebrities, Phew! There surely were some well-dressed celebrities who got it right. So,… Continue reading

Lilian Bach: Shoes, purse and…Boobs.

Lilian Bach: I don’t know where to start from. Can we simply say you hard to rush out of the house? You have confused my traffic lights! Your cleavage = tightYour purse =… Continue reading

Susan Peters: Shoes ‘R’ Shining

Susan Peters, you are a very pretty lady. And you look amazing in this picture. AND, that is BECAUSE I cropped off your SHOES!!!  Ok, I am NOT saying you should have worn… Continue reading

Tonto Dike: Boyish or Borish?

Tonto Dike, I HAVE seen you look better, so, WHY and WHAT were you trying to show us at the ‘Damage’ movie premiere! Because I was and am still lost! This is you… Continue reading

Mrs. Mercy Johnson Odi – AGAIN (???)!!!

Mercy, Mercy Mercy! Why???Seriously, WHY? Shaking My WIG! Oops! I meant HEAD!!! I am still trying to forgive these fashion traffic jam you caused in the past!  Cleavage is good, but honey, there… Continue reading

Mercy Johnson-Odi

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