Oh NO! Rita Dominic!

Rita Dominic & Susan Peters

Rita dearie, I am sure you know people look out for you and WHAT you would be wearing. You’ve made some good hits and some misses as well! THIS IS A MISS! On every levels!

You’ve made your name in Nigerian movie industry and carved a niche in the fashion arena too.  I’ve  read that you are on the list of Top Nigerian Fashion Icons, but I dont agree all the time.

Being a shoe lover myself, I look out with expectation to see what would encase your feet always, as some of your fans say you wear ‘wikkid’ shoes.

So, what is NOT wrong with the picture above? Sis, your ensemble makes you look like an ‘Auntie’ at that wedding! And standing next to chic-looking Susan is not helping matters!

First off, you have a banging body, but you chose to wear suit and pantalon in Dubai!!!!??? Was it that cold there? Or you saving the ‘good dress’ for the after party? BUT YOU KNOW the eyes of the world would be on this wedding!! Even if it was cold there, the occasion called for casual chic looks, being that it is an outdoor wedding!!

The hat!! Seriously? It’s a beach wedding by the way! Not church service at CKC Aba!

Then….your shoes [no shoes]…. I bet your fans are gonna be really disappointed you hid ’em shoes with that pantalon abi na trouser that are too long for ya!

This is the Rita Dominic I like! [pics below] Please give more of these my dear. Then, you will remain in the fashion good books. Dressing up all the time in the right way too much stress? I feel you! Even me that designs clothes get stressed out and stay home sometimes when I don’t wanna be bothered with dressing up. I can whip up any high-end design for myself, but its stress sometimes! Unfortunately hun, it comes with the terrain! Especially in the movie/fashion/entertainment industry! It is a PAIN we all have to bear! I say, IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE STEPPING OUT WRONGLY, PLEASE STAY BACK HOME!! One bad fashion on the red carpet can take away the glory of 10 prior good fashion!

I liked the dress, NOT the head piece sha

UNLESS of course, you just wanted to ‘SHOCK’ us and have us all talking about this Blue coat and White panatalon  look. In that case, you have succeeded, because here I am writing about your fashion faux pas! You definitely get a FASHION VIOLATION TICKET from me! No matter your intention! Get back with the program Riri!!