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Africa and Fashion ‘Seasons’: Spring/Summer, Winter/Fall, Resort/Cruise

Please DO NOT ask me why some fashion designers [in Africa], showcase clothes at fashion weeks[ in Africa] and tag them ‘Spring/Summer’, ‘Winter/Fall’ etc…… Nope! DON’T ask me. I am a fashion designer… Continue reading


What’s with girls showing up at parties, clubs, events ‘NAKED’? Is there a memo/dress code that everything has to ‘hang out’? OK, I was actually at that concert in NYC. I must tell… Continue reading


Seriously? I am NOT feeling this ‘Nipple clamper’!! NOT FLATTERING!   Perhaps its a size too small? lolol

TULISA!!! Why???

She looked so good from the back, BEFORE the wind blew. lolol Yes, cry babygal, you’ve been bad on the red carpets!

3 MusFashTears!

Something  to close out 2012 with! 🙂 Yes, 3 of them! Not at all MUSketeers, and their FASHion brings TEARS to the eyes! These dresses would have looked really good on different body… Continue reading

Pants Extreme

Don’t ask what this is, just LOOK and make your own conclusion. lolol Subscribe to my Feed here:

Half-A-Fashion in March

Welcome to a new month! Geez! Month #3 already! To start off your month, before I get into my Feature March Article, I just wanted to share these images with you. Did I… Continue reading

Fashion Criminals Part I (red lights zone)

I am giving out a general Fashion Violation ticket to some of the people in the following pictures! Like, what da heck???? More pictures on the next page…… This girl is WRONG FRONT… Continue reading