Africa and Fashion ‘Seasons’: Spring/Summer, Winter/Fall, Resort/Cruise

Please DO NOT ask me why some fashion designers [in Africa], showcase clothes at fashion weeks[ in Africa] and tag them ‘Spring/Summer’, ‘Winter/Fall’ etc……

Nope! DON’T ask me.

I am a fashion designer too, and since I started my business, I always stuck to my ‘SEASONLESS’ collections., because I use mostly AFRICAN MATERIALS for my designs and recognize that the typical woman in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon  Burundi etc would proudly wear her native material, which most times are not ‘winter fabrics’ like velvet, suede, fur etc. Africa proudly boasts of kente, akwete, mud cloth, batik, adire, bark cloth, kitenge, kanga etc. last time I checked….they have not entered the fashion world ‘glossary of ‘winter/fall’ textiles. [please correct me if I am wrong].


I write this post so that the next time, I blog about any fashion designer, especially in West Africa (that I know is typically HOT) rolls out a collection on any runway [In Africa] with the tag ‘Spring/Summer’, ‘Winter/Fall’ etc, and I ‘comment’ on the inappropriateness of their collection, they should not ‘anonymously’ attack me!

Same applies to celebrities who dare to walk any red carpet [In Africa] with any piece from some super expensive/luxury fashion designer’s ‘Winter/Fall collection’ bought in Paris, UK, USA etc. ‘sweating and choking uncomfortably!

That you bought it from an expensive shop, DON’T make it right on a tropical African Red carpet! NOPE! That’s why it’s called  ‘seasons’! = Harmattan, Rainy Season, Dry Season, Harvest season {lol} etc.

We ain’t got ‘Winter/Fall’ in West Africa!  It does NOT snow there! So, why are you wearing a high boot? Leather at that too!?? WHY? Long sleeve and turtle-neck dress in June? WHY???!!!. I don’t care how much it cost you! it is still W R O N G!!!

Ok, I will stop here….but….do me a favor, DRESS COMFORTABLY! LOOK GOOD and PATRONIZE the African designers who locally make ‘season-friendly’ garments that look amazing too!


Meaning of ‘SEASONLESS“:

“Seasonless dressing”  describes a trend of wearing the same fashions year-round. Most peopel I know actually prefer warm places. I believe I am the only one among my friends and family who loves Winter and snow! lol

Besides, a lot of people spend more time in climate-controlled environments. From Air-conditioned and heated cars, homes to work spaces. People spend less time in natural temperatures, thus, less demand for heavy winter clothing. Which means that fall and winter clothing may begin to appear and feel less autumnal– according to ‘, soon,

“designers will show lighter fabrics and lighter colors. Summer clothing could become acceptable as year-round clothing–for example, summer dresses can be adapted for fall by layering turtlenecks and tights underneath”.

My personal conclusion is this:  when it is Winter in one part of the world, it is still Summer-weather in some other parts of the world. So, why reduce the market and sales by not catering to the ‘Summer-weather’ regions even when in ‘Winter-zones’? #GoodFoodForThoughtInFashionBusiness. 🙂

Have a lovely week!

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