Jackie Jocelyn Michel

Going through the images of  some recent red carpet events, I can’t still my fingers from writing. So many fashion HITS and MISSES all over the African Red Carpets!
I love ‘creative’ ideas! I admire celebrities with ‘fashion statements’! Sure, less is more and sometimes a little bit more is OK, but, there are times when less to certain places is a No-No!

Let me talk about our African Celebrities on the red carpet in Accra, Ghana. Seriously!! Jackie! Jocelyn! Michel! You all got some misses majorly! Not hits!

Jocelyn, I love you to pieces, but that neck piece??? Hmmmmm….

Majid dear, you got an awesome body and fine face, if I may add, have you and your stylist [if you have one] ever considered that a tapered, and less baggy jeans would make you look super mega HOTT!!!??? #Just saying!
because this faded baggy jeans pants with some faded look sure ain’t going with your coat-with-a-shine! I’ve seen u do better boo.

I will just pretend you did not appear on the red carpet that other way and remember you like this.

Jackie…. Jackie!! Jackie!!! How many times have I called you!? it is because you have a sweet spirit that I have not really blasted you on my blog O! I know you try! And your beautiful face makes people look away from your fashion goofs! But, me, I look at the fashion BEFORE the face!
Just what are you wearing??? I am a huge supporter of wearing African wears to all events {being an ethnic fashion designer myself}…but, when you attain the level you are, PLEASE BE SELECTIVE of WHAT you WEAR on a RED CARPET! Especially an event as huge as AFRICAN MAGIC!
Your skirt is UNFLATTERING! And made worse by whoever made it that did not align the patterns on the skirt so as not to hurt the eyes!
Please tell your stylist to call me! Free dresses for you! Fire your stylist/designer! Yes! I said so!

Jackie, this look here is more like it! When you set out to promote African wears on an international media platform, please GO FOR THE BEST LOOK! Hmmph!!

Kinda like this! Make Africa proud mon cherie! Wear clothes that flatter, accentuate and say “We are Proudly African!” 😉

Some bad PHOTOGRAPHER! lol. Of all images for him/her to make public, it has to be this one you look SURPRISED and all eyes out, instead of one with a huge smile and happy thoughts? 🙂 Tee hee hee

Lololol. Jocelyn darling, why are you clutching your hand bag that TIGHT? Hmmm….. but Majid’s hands are on his laps…#Just Saying! hee hee hee

Aha! This bag is resting free! lol

I dug up this picture, I see you like big bags.  Good thing you are holding this one ‘NOT TOO TIGHT’..
but seriously, WHAT’S with you and huge bags??? Like they would say in Nigerian pidgin English: “Na wetin you dey always carry inside dis big big bags? na for ‘runs’?” Just kidding O!  😉

Ayy Carambah!! I was gonna say sistah Jocelyn gats some bugles at the sides and shouldn’t have worn those jeans! But hey! She got it! Flaunt it baby!!!

Ayayaya yayah!! PHEW!!! Somebody please say: Sexy and Curvy! #NoHomo!

ONLY YOU!!!????
You got all that hips and you add fine face!!! Come on naw!! that is soooo not fair!!! Why you got to have it all – FACE and BACK!!! Hiiiiisssss #hatorade!