Susan Peters in COLD GOLD?

Dear Susan, before you say I am ‘hating’, [you deleted my comment on your instagram ], note: I’ve liked your past dress-sense, but this one, I’m sorry, I will say, NOT HOT!


No dearie, I am NOT hating on you!  I have hailed you in the past. Check out these posts:

Susan Peters: Shoes 'R' Shining

You’ve had my GREEN Lights! Ok, you have gotten a few RED lights too….


Therefore, I still insist that the gold dress you wore to the  M-Net Africa’s Tinsel’s 1000th episode event is nice, BUT the high-neck and long sleeves is definitely INAPPROPRIATE for the evening and WEATHER! That’s all! Lagos is HOT!  Long sleeves and high neck lines are OUT! Were you not uncomfortable? See Eku Edowor wore gold too, but she had the right sleeves!



Susan-Peters VS Eku copy

Compared to Eku Edowor’s, you can see it would have been a different look! So, you didn’t have to delete my post about this on your instagram’s picture post!

I maintain that you got nice body and legs, this would have been a good time for you to flaunt your assets! I totally liked your white dress to Tuface/Annie’s wedding in Dubai!

So, my dear, with your celebrity status, you really got to be open to constructive criticisms O, especially when its coming from a seasoned and successful fashion designer like me! {#HumbleMe! Hee hee hee] Yes! I blog and design! So, no hating!

And just in case you think I am one fatazz blogger behind the PC screen, no hun, I also wore a sequined dress same weekend [my design – EstellaCouture, by the way], and it was sleeveless (Summer-style), flirty and showed off good assets! #MeThinks. Hee hee heesmiley

Estella Ogbonna

Fashion Designer/Stylist/Blogger – Estella Ogbonna