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January 2014

JANUARY 1st, 2014: – A New Life, New Plans, New Goals Another year! Thank God for HIS mercies! For every thing that happened in 2013. The good, the bad and the ugly! Isn’t it… Continue reading

BASH ME, If you can!

My blog has been about praising or bashing celebrities who walk the runway dressed right or wrong. So, I traveled to Nigeria, Africa and have been very busy, with joggling the stamping of… Continue reading

Africa and Fashion ‘Seasons’: Spring/Summer, Winter/Fall, Resort/Cruise

Please DO NOT ask me why some fashion designers [in Africa], showcase clothes at fashion weeks[ in Africa] and tag them ‘Spring/Summer’, ‘Winter/Fall’ etc…… Nope! DON’T ask me. I am a fashion designer… Continue reading


If a very fashionable woman went into coma in 1990 and woke up today, she would be shocked at the fashion-way-of-life  that used to be ‘taboos’ that are now the ‘trends’! My topic… Continue reading


Your chance to ‘bash’ me! lol Ok, had a photo shoot with a friend yesterday and this is one of the shots from iPad. By the way, the skirt and top by ESTELLA… Continue reading

Confession Monday: Once, Twice, [Bleep], Yes, I did it too! [Part 2]

Remember this old thread? CONFESSION TUESDAY: ONCE, TWICE, [BLEEP], YES, I DID IT TOO! YES! I Did it AGAIN! 🙂 I broke another fashion rule…..ONLY this time, I RESTYLED the dress! <wink> Her Majesty,… Continue reading

Welcome BACK to ME!

DECEMBER 29th, 2012 Another year, coming to an end! WHERE did the time go? Wow! My blog has been offline for months now, had issues and I had to pack up and… Continue reading

I come in Peace

I heard on the streets that some peeps are saying that my blog is dead. Hmmmm…… just because I took a sabbatical? Ok, what that tells me is that they actually ‘noticed‘! Meaning… Continue reading

PLASTIC SURGERY: Who dunnit? Ask Rukky Sanda.

I am not sure if this tweet is just to get her name abuzz on tweeter, because if it is really true that she did plastic surgery, she should sue the cosmetic surgeon!… Continue reading