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BASH ME, If you can!

My blog has been about praising or bashing celebrities who walk the runway dressed right or wrong. So, I traveled to Nigeria, Africa and have been very busy, with joggling the stamping of… Continue reading


If a very fashionable woman went into coma in 1990 and woke up today, she would be shocked at the fashion-way-of-life ¬†that used to be ‘taboos’ that are now the ‘trends’! My topic… Continue reading

Men wearing Women clothes

Yes, it is on movie sets! lol. So, who wore it well?¬†Pawpaw or Ibu? You be the judge. Pawpaw ‘PawPaw’ – Osita Iheme Mr. Ibu ‘Mr. Ibu’ – John Okafor No, I won’t… Continue reading