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‘LUXURY’ Fashion: Nigeria

Lady: “Estella, is XLenTê a Luxury store? I only shop at Luxury stores “ Me: “please define ‘Luxury Store’ per #MadeInNigeria garments and fashion products? ” Lady: ‘Like the ones sold at *-*–*… Continue reading

Buckleless Swag

Johannes Maier….with his trademark belt wearing style – side buckle. I like

Susan Peters in COLD GOLD?

Dear Susan, before you say I am ‘hating’, [you deleted my comment on your instagram ], note: I’ve liked your past dress-sense, but this one, I’m sorry, I will say, NOT HOT! No… Continue reading

Dresses I loved ……


  This dress blew me! I love love love it!

Confession Monday: Once, Twice, [Bleep], Yes, I did it too! [Part 2]

Remember this old thread? CONFESSION TUESDAY: ONCE, TWICE, [BLEEP], YES, I DID IT TOO! YES! I Did it AGAIN! 🙂 I broke another fashion rule…..ONLY this time, I RESTYLED the dress! <wink> Her Majesty,… Continue reading

GREEN Lights on Mercy Johnson

What can I say? WOW! won’t cut it! [sigh] After 2  RED-lights-Mercy-Johnson’s posts here on WWandW, I am finally glad to say ‘HIPS RULE! And ‘Well Done’ Mercy Johson-Odi! Marriage is good on you… Continue reading