Mrs. Mercy Johnson Odi – AGAIN (???)!!!

Mercy, Mercy Mercy! Why???
Seriously, WHY?

Shaking My WIG! Oops! I meant HEAD!!!

I am still trying to forgive these fashion traffic jam you caused in the past!  Cleavage is good, but honey, there are bras that can still make the boobies more tastefully exposed! Ask Victoria, she got some Secrets!

Please DON’T give me reason to blog about you again Mrs. Odi.

And WHO dressed you??? I have the number of a great stylist in Lagos! She’ll hook ya up! And, because you’ve gotten 2 strikes on my blog, ama give you an Designer’s Intervention. Yes, your next dress on the red carpet is on me, FREE! Call my office!

Just WHAT da heck ya think you are WEARing? WHAT kinda posing is that???

I shall not say too much, because I got lots of other people to talk about, and you cannot be my third post! Haba! (Ok, I shall make you my daily posts IF you keep giving me reasons to).

I know sexy is good, but, sistah, …mama told us girls to SIT WITH OUR LEGS CLOSED!
Big Ol’ RED TRAFFIC LIGHT FOR YOU HERE! STOP!! You should have gone back home to change! Or sat down properly!