Tonto Dike: Boyish or Borish?

Tonto Dike, I HAVE seen you look better, so, WHY and WHAT were you trying to show us at the ‘Damage’ movie premiere! Because I was and am still lost! This is you looking super hawt on the cover of WOW magazine!

Tonto Dike 

So, WHY were you trying to look like Steve Urkel???

Ok, Steve Urkel turned out a handsome dude 🙂

Tonto, WHY???
Unless you were trying to look like Rihanna did in 2009!! 

Ok, i Love a woman wearing a dude’s gear, but, it could be this tasteful, like on Lake Bell, = Easy on the eye! Understated elegance. 

Please Tonto, I don’t have you in my Book of Bad Dressers, and PLEASE, let us NOT have you in it at all! Because I believe you can stay off my Red Lights, IF you put your mind to it! 
Otherwise, CALL ME. I can make you look Boyishly Elegant, while making it look like you are proudly Nigerian by creating something with an ethnic touch for you!
Check out this damask waistcoat and/or the Kente suit below. *wink* Of course, they are ESTELLA Couture Designs baby girl! 🙂