Half-A-Fashion in March

Welcome to a new month! Geez! Month #3 already!

To start off your month, before I get into my Feature March Article, I just wanted to share these images with you.

Did I hear you ask “what is ‘wrong’ with WHAT they are WEARing?”….

Erm…..find out for yourself! I am a diva of Less Words And More Pictures (LWAMP) now! 

This ensemble is actually NOT so bad. I kinda like it…..I only wish the pantie would disappear. 

I honestly CANNOT make sense of this dress…. Pretty face, nice hair, lovely legs, good accessories…..BUT……. – Oh well, please help me figure out what is wrong with the dress in front…

Seriously?? ….Hmmmmmm

I kinda feel that this style of ‘unique’ design WOULD LOOK BETTER on a different physique! #JustSaying…

WOW! Where do I start from???? Hmmmmmm….. Cat Got My Tongue! Phew!

ONE Question:  WHY???????

Gulp!! Dunno if he is a medicine man, so, lemme say no word.  {running out!) 

Errmmmmm…….. Oh yes, the word is UNFLATTERING!

Seriously? At least make the mask look clean and well cut!

IF he could walk through the airport looking like this, something tells me he DOES NOT GIVE A HOOT what anyone thinks or says! So, I say…….DO YOU! lololol