Fashion Criminals Part I (red lights zone)

I am giving out a general Fashion Violation ticket to some of the people in the following pictures!

Like, what da heck????
More pictures on the next page……

This girl is WRONG FRONT and REAR!! WTH!!!

What this female should be investing on is a MIRROR! She left home like this????
Just in case you say LadyGaga wears panty hoses, well, that is LADY GAGA! This female here wore this to an Awards Night!

Really? You really want us to think this is a sexy look? OK….hmmmmm

Pretty Lady with a pretty back view. Please ignore those other two at the sides with ‘breathing’ bras. hiiiissssss

Eeeew! Alright! Have a great super bowl weekend!
Watch out for the Part II of ‘African Fashion Icon’…..working on it right now….