GREEN Lights on Mercy Johnson

What can I say? WOW! won’t cut it!

[sigh] After 2  RED-lights-Mercy-Johnson’s posts here on WWandW, I am finally glad to say ‘HIPS RULE! And ‘Well Done’ Mercy Johson-Odi! Marriage is good on you my dear! This picture below just proves what I was saying about your wedding dress here on my first post (I don’t like Mercy Johnson’s Wedding Dress). That wedding dress hid all these goodness below!

PLEASE maintain this type of look on the Red Carpets and events! I LOVEY!

Errrmmm…seems you’ve added weight…but who cares? Your Hour-glass figure is still intact!

I have just one question: WHO is your stylist? Please give him/her a Christmas bonus for a job well done!
Compared to this photo shoot below? Hmmmm… You got my A+++ mark today!