I come in Peace

I heard on the streets that some peeps are saying that my blog is dead. Hmmmm…… just because I took a sabbatical? Ok, what that tells me is that they actually ‘noticed‘! Meaning that they looked for it! Thank you my dear negative friends. I love you too. Lol
My apologies to my real fans and Followers. Life events overtook me. Hmmmm….I can’t begin to tell all, but…..it has been an adventurous living I must say. Check it out! I am writing you from the heart of Accra, Ghana, YES…WEST AFRICA!!
Ok, let me confess one challenge I have had these past months of being in Accra, y’all know that I write a lot about the red carpets, celebrities, events, their dressings, their goofs and good ones etc…..Now, I am walking same red carpets with some of these people and I just wonder, CAN I? I mean, it felt safer writing from the safety of my sewing studio in far away Maryland, USA. But here! I am the stranger! The foreigner! The Visitor!
Oh no! I am not scared O! Just don’t want anyone accosting me on the road! Bwahahahahaha
Like on the 21st of July, My birthday…..I was honored to have gotten a VIP ticket from the Publisher of QUEENS Magazine, and that turned out to be a pleasant surprise because I got a gift of a yummy creamy cake! Yes, please! DON’T HATE! ….
…..and I am looking round and seeing some peeps I would have loved to bash, but, one little voice told me “down! Estella! Down! Gurl”….so, I had to calm down! Especially when I saw Jackie Appiah…. I was like, She is damn beautiful!! But that dress!!! Hmmmm….. I expected something more….more…Umph!!! But then, she walked towards me and flashed the prettiest of all smiles! 
And I remembered what my Auntie said “Jackie is one of the best girls in that industry! She is beautiful, in and out”…Ok, how can you start to bash someone that even elderly women love? Smh. I don’t have the heart. JACKIE APPIAH, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 
Ok, for the next couple months that I am still in Accra, I shall ONLY report on the BEST dressed! No bashing(s)…..UNLESS the person’s look is downright annoying and atrocious! Deal??
Did I mention that Nadia Buari looked quite good. Her hair!!??? OMG. I loved it! Please Nadia, stick to that hairstyle! It looked GOOD!

So, let us welcome back Moi to What Who and WEAR!!! I got lots to say!
I will be posting a brief fashion report of Moi! Hee hee hee. Yeah! Gimme a break! I wanna rave about my Vintage Ankara purse. :-). Here is the picture….I will talk about it in my next post. 
Special shout out to The Publisher of QUEENS Magazine – Ruth Tembe-Epie on the successful launch of her magazine!! It was a glamorous, star-filled event. With women from all walks of lives, all achievers and winners! I am happy when I see women doing great things! YES! Girls RULE the world!
Ruth Tembe-Epie