Jane WHO?: Marriage Basket!

For once, words truly, honestly fail me! On EVERY levels!

As a couture piece, this is fine, but for a bride to wear on a wedding day?!

First off, on the level that I am a designer: I know that I will NOT set a bride to walk down the aisle in such a dress that would make her bum look big!! ~ Duh! Every woman wants her tush to look OK and Yes, curvy ala Beyonce and JLo! But NO woman would want to carry a basket on her bum bum!

Secondly, I don’t know this lady’s name, hence the dub – Jane Who. (anyone that know her, please email me her name? Yes?). These images were sent to me by a friend and fellow blogger, passed round the Blackberry Messenger world. Could this be a real bride/ [or perhaps a model]. Arrrgh! WHY? I don’t wanna have a Jane Who on my blog! Takes away the fun of blogging!  Hiiissssssss

Thirdly, because I am getting married soon, I am more careful now how I bash brides, so I don’t get bashed myself. Why do I think I might be bashed about my wedding dress?
Ermmmm……Truth is:  I honestly do have a ‘Unique’ idea for my wedding dress. Too bad they say it is bad luck for a woman to make her own wedding dress. :-(.

Anyway, I am seriously looking for a good designer (African) to make my wedding dress…..I don’t mind the person taking the credit. So that when I am asked: “WHO are you WEARing?” I would proudly give another designer a 15 seconds fame.

But be sure, NO way am I WEARing or even recommending the wedding dress above to anyone! NOT even my foes! lolololol