Leila Djansi: Make-up Fuss!

I honestly don’t understand this new trend of people just typing ‘anything’! From behind their PC walls! And I mean, just anything, without thinking sometimes! There really should be a law to make people post their pictures BEFORE they bash any celebrity! And I mean, FULL length and CLOSE UP Facial pictures!
Because I am sure 9 out of 10 times, the ones saying all the mean, nasty things about celebrities are as fugly as ugly comes!

Here is Wikipedia’s entry of LEILA DJANSI:

Awards and Recognition

Djansi’s first film resulted in her first award. The 2009 worldFest Platinum Award for the film Grass Between My Lips. A gripping story of female circumcision and early marriage, set in a northern Ghana village.
In 2010, her debut feature, I sing of a well was nominated for 11 African Movie Academy Awards. The film won 3 awards: Best Sound, Best Costume and the Jury Special Award for Over-All Best Film. In 2011, Djansi was presented with theBAFTA/LA Pan African Film Festival Choice Award for the film I sing of a well.
Djansi’s 2011 film Sinking Sands received 10 African Movie Academy Award nominations, winning first time actress Ama K Abebrese the Best Actress Award. Djansi also won the Best Original Screenplay Award. At the first Ghana Movie Awards in 2011, Djansi’s Sinking Sands was the biggest winner, receiving “Best Art Direction”, “Best Costume”, “Best West African Film” and “Best Picture”. Sinking Sands was nominated in 14 categories.
Djansi’s work and contribution to the Ghana film industry has been recognized by UNiFEM Ghana, The African Women Development Fund, The Ghana Musicians Association and other social issue minded communities.

Please can someone explain to me why these comments about this high achieving woman, who has left her name in the anal of history as a great movie producer? Yes, I am the fashion police, if any celebrity mess up on the red carpet, I WILL BASH them – CONSTRUCTIVELY AND PROFESSIONALLY! Not in the petty, mean way some of these people below took the ‘Free Comments’ thing to.

This was what Leila Djansi wore to the J.Melo fashion Launch.

I give this picture, the person, the garment, the accessories a GREEN Light! Her dress is exquisite without being loud! I love lace. Her accessories are toned down, yet tastefully noticeable! She is not wearing all the cocktail rings and blingy jewelries like some others would have done!
I am tempted to post her pictures at other events, but, I will stick to this image that made some Online faceless people to post very annoying comments. I am glad there are sane and nice ones that called the rude ones to order.
Cut out of the comments below:

comments culled from: Ghanacelebrities website
NASTY comments, wouldn’t you say? smh
And Oh, by the way, this is also Leila Djansi, just in case the Wikipedia post didn’t give you an idea of who she is:
See, I have a personal principle. I can berate you on WHAT you are WEARing, and also what you put on or didn’t put on. WHAT you over did or did-not-do-enough……but one thing I will NOT ever do is bash anyone on how they look! Because, guess what??? No one has any control about the color of their skin, the shape of their nose, the curve of their hips etc. In fact, I will rather bash you WHEN you try to change your natural physique! 
People! Look beyond the shallowness of outward appearance and give honor to whom it is due when they are achievers, STOP THE HATE OF SUCCESSFUL SISTERS!! We need MORE of them! Dang it!