PRINCE EKE: Costumed or OVER dressed

Happy Wedlock! First of all! That is WHAT truly matters, NOT the wedding activities, dresses, suits, cakes, brides maids, guests, food, drink, whatever!

Now the niceties are out of the way, Prince Eke, please WHAT da heck are you WEARing??????? And you dared to dress this cute little boy in your Mini-monstrocity!!???  Oh my! Look at the tassels dangling between the little boy’s legs!!?? They are so huge, and I bet that boy tripped over them! smh.

Sure, I praised Mercy Johnson’s husband – PRINCE Odi for WEARing a nice suit [outside the box], at his wedding{Link: Mercy Johnson and Prince Odi’s Wedding}

But, PRINCE ODI’s suit was tastefully done, with embroidery that did NOT look like a costume!

PRINCE EKE!! You fall my hand O!

The more I look at  your costume,
the more a Matador comes to my mind. :-).
OK, maybe this one looks hurt! lololol

How about this?

But, you get my point? IF you were trying to look like you stepped out of Men Fashion of the 1700s,  dude, you failed! Plain and Simple! Sure, you got the lace sleeves and collars, but…..NAH! Outfit is NOT flattering you! And you robbed us of seeing you look lovey dovey on your wedding day!! Hmph!

I PREFER you and wify in ETHNIC fashion! You made more of a statement here! I LIKE!

Oh well, it is about the WEDDING, NOT what you WORE! So, Happy Married Life! Even though the picture below is NOT my favorite Wedding/Couple picture!
This picture here compensates for the FASHION CRIME you committed! 
You can never go wrong with traditional wedding! Awwwwwww……..
You are the first person to get my FASHION VIOLATION TICKET! Gbosaaaaaaah!