Stephanie Okereke: Strapped Out!

Stephanie finally makes her debut on WHAT, WHO and WEAR RED light Stop!
Welcome Stephanie!
But WHY??? 
And you got my RED light on your Boobies! Oopsie! I meant your boobie basket, chest basket,  titty cage,   hooter holder, upper decker flopper stopper, Der Floppem Schtoppem, Bandeau, brassiere, corset, underwear, undergarment, lingerie, brayour over the shoulder boulder holder! Ahhhh!!! Those are the keywords! 
Yours went OVER the Shoulder Boulder, held and then came peeping out for air! [gasp!]

Thank you for getting the Shoes right! The make-up good. The hair – LOVE it! The belt – I like! BUT…….
This is PERFECT!

… should have been the belt OR the neck choker! NOT both dearie! More so, with the big drop earrings! Nah!

When you CHOKER up this high on a high-necked dress, tone down on the earrings! Or do without it!

You got it so RIGHT and on point here!

: = = = = = = =  =>>>>>
Half-Green light for you Please!! 
Sometimes, LESS is BETTER! Cuff Bangle, big wristwatch, choker, big earrings, silver belt????? Hmmmmm => OVER ACCESSORIZED! But the total look is not that bad, IF I can look beyond all the accessories and the Peeping bra straps! 
The dress fits and gives a sensual classy look! I LIKE! MINUS ALL the blings! Seems you wanted to wear everything you saw on your way to the door? smh. You should know better Steph! I didn’t expect YOU to fetch a RED!
Anyhoo……WHO is your stylist, Stephanie??  WHO are you wearing?

Next time, please ask for a STRAPLESS bra! They come in all kinds of ways that even with the high armhole, the straps would be securely hidden away! 
 = = = = = > > > >
Or go totally Strapless! Use ADHESIVE PUSH ups!! Yes, you can still push those babies up WITHOUT any STRAP!
If those DON’T work for you, there are still backless types…….
Otherwise, stay with the good ol’ STRAPLESS bra.