Ada Ogunkeye: Flapped or Frazzled? [updated]

I saw this picture on, I wondered who she is, and an Internet search returned Ada Ogunkeye as ‘Co-founder  of “Our by Juliada” a Nigerian BEAUTY Company:. 
Hmmmm….enough said! 
BUT……IF you are into ‘beauty’…..shouldn’t you have ‘some’ fashion sense? #JustSaying…

RED light!!!

Ok, I can’t help myself! I will ask…..WHO are you WEARing?

WHY are your boobs, oops, i mean, your top’s flap folding?  Errmmmmm…ever heard of BODY TAPE???  it looks like this: =============>>>>>>

It would have helped you hold down the flapping thingy.

About the baby bump or belly…well, I gats the bump too, but, I am NOT a beauty expert! Beauty INCLUDES good body form, posture [you slumped in this picture by the way], poise, shape, attitude etc..Right? Please correct me IF I am wrong. 
Besides, worst case scenario , gurl, SUCK IT IN!  I have perfected that SUCKING IT IN thing as soon as I step on a red carpet or see a camera man! lol

About the long skirt, I’m NOT gonna ask you how you walked in that [the EXTRA length! in front]. I will assume you kept packing the skirt up with your hands, right? Tut Tut Tut…so NOT elegant! hmmmmm……… Thank God you did not fall and break some bone(s)…or did you?

WOW! Color me BAD! Your overall color combination in this ensemble??? 

I am hyperventilating! 

I would have loved to see the shoes ….hee hee hee

DECEMBER 19th, 2011
Wow! Ada sure has fans. Ma bad! I posted on the pic I saw on the Internet. NOTHING personal 🙂
here are a couple picture sent by her friend….I hope these let you think that she was just having a bad ‘Photo day’ in my post above, yes?

Thanks for the Pictures Alexander D.