Rita Dominic: Really Bangled! [updated]

With so many fans singing her praises all over the Internet about her ‘impeccable’ dress sense……. She is called the ‘Queen of Shoes’…..
I must confess that she has looked good on the red carpets and events most of the time….but there are those times when she wears things I itch to blog about….like this humongous bangle here!

Sure, it is a unique, fancy bangle, BUT Rita is WEARing it with the WRONG outfit!!! Geez!! What were you thinking, Rita???
I never imagined I would RED wwandw  Rita  on something as simple as a bangle! smh. But that bangle, with that dress and the black shoes?????? Arrrghhh!!! WRONG accessories!! UNFLATTERING Dress!

By the way, pretty face, nice skin, good hair day!

Errmmm….did I mention the BELT??? Really?

WHO is your stylist, Rita? 

WHO are you wearing?

babe, you fall my hand!

I am NOT impressed! 

UPDATE:  December 10th, 2011

Golly!!! it is NOT that serious! To those readers that emailed me saying I was too harsh on Rita, please go take a cold glass of sweet lemonade! This is nothing personal! And no one is spared here! Dang! I have even blogged on myself here too! (http://whatwhoandwear.blogspot.com/2011/10x/estella-ogbonna-fair-is-fair.html)

And I still stand by my words, she over accessorized her dress!

Those black pumps did NOT go with the Grecian-style dress. This is the one dress where high-heeled sandals NOT PUMPS would have made her look sensually amazing!

Check out a similar style on the right, notice the simple, elegant way Bola Fadina accessorized her dress! 
 it is much BETTER!She wore a sandal! NOT pumps! Grecian styles DON’T go with pumps! 

Rita’s belt would have been better WITHOUT the extra hanging dangle! Or if it must dangle, attach a charm or an ornament at the end! Or better yet, use a fabric to tie/belt around the waist! 

Black shoes on a yellow/gold ensemble??

Rita’s  bangle would not have looked so out of place if her dress was white, and she had on gold accessories…then, she would have looked 
like a greek goddess. 

Riri’s make-up though complemented the style of the dress I must say. her hair was NOT the perfect style for the dress. See how Bola’s hair is styled? 

People don’t realize that some dress styles DEMAND specific hair styles and accessories!