Inorie Fotso: What Da [Bleeping] PLeather!!???

Hmmm….Seems Facebook is the place to get raw images!! I just saw this picture on FaceBook and Seriously!!!!!!
Hand gloves, shorts, leather  pleather!!!??? WHAT was she thinking???????

Hold your horses!!! This is a Movie Set! Costume is for a ‘Stripper’ role. Not a bad stripper look, won’t you say? 
Some people emailed to ask me WHY she is dressed that way, I didn’t reply them as I kinda wondered IF the boom microphone behind her did not give the scene away??! Duh! Well, this pic was taken on the set of a movie – “X-Class”. 

So, WHO is Inorie Fotso?!!! WHAT is her Claim To Fame? Answer: Cameroun Rising!
Their movie industry is coming up too. With lots of talented actors. By the way, what is it called? Camerwood or Camerywood? Seeing there are Hollywood, Nollywood, Ghollywood, Bollywood! Phew!
Anyhoo, Inorie Fotso is an actress/Producer/Screenwriter from Cameroon. Movies: ‘X-Class’, Red Storm, The American Dream
WHAT is her fashion style? These pictures caught my attention: Oh Yes! She Gots the REDS and GREENS from me! lol

I love this hair style. Looks good. Go BLACK!

If you got more, tell me, I won’t tell.  hee hee hee
I congratulate the actors from Cameroon! I’ll sure love to write more about you guys. [+ves and -ves] lol

I got my eyes on Camerywood [sic]…Cawoollywood?? Camerwood?? Camerllywood???
Shuck!! WHATEVER!! Just bring the movies out already! And baptise the industry quick please! Writing Camerounian Movie Industry is toooooo looooong to type! Please.