Wednesday Blues: Red Lights Zone! [Part 2]

Hmmmm…….This Red Dress spoilt The Red Carpet!

I LOVE this RED dress! The ruches, the curve on the hip, the fit, the detail in
front, it is regal, it is elegant, BUT…….{crying}…
I can’t seem to get my eyes off the HUMONGOUS BLACK BRA straps THAT ARE POPPING OUT FOR AIR!!! Ermmm… STRAPLESS GEL BRAS?

I am seeing RED! YES, You get a RED LIGHT, because it matches your RED DRESS on the RED CARPET! Well done Ma’am! Hiiiiiisssssss The HALF YELLOW  light is for effort!

Oh boy, can it get any better? Hmmm….Let’s see…. I saw this picture on facebook {it was in  public album, and the lady is VERY Proud of her picture, so, I am helping her make it more public) 🙂

RED dress on the RED Carpet. 

Ermmmm…Please DON’T ask me what she is wearing. All I see is her BLACK BRA!

I am seeing RED again. She gets the RED LIGHT on the  RED CARPET!

Perhaps her image below in a PINK outfit that is showing her BLACK pantie/shorts will cheer you up? Yes??? Hmmmm……I tried! #Sigh. And she posted these on facebook!

If you have seen enough RED light too, please enjoy the Blue Jean and Bra below. 🙂
Oh well, I hope you like this sexy mama better. 🙂