Confession Tuesday: Once, Twice, [Bleep], Yes, I did it too!

I tweeted on Friday November 18th that I was going to BREAK a Fashion Rule:

YES, I did break a fashion rule.

 Watch the following pictures of celebrities….. starting from Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth! Pay close attention……
Queen Elizabeth: Shoes, Dress [though patterns added to the one on the left]

Aretha Franklin

Sophia Loren

Mrs O in South Africa
Mrs O in Washington DC

AND NOW…………………………………………….ME!

Yes, I did too!  I love that dress! Though I doubt I will ever wear it again. lol
I don’t like repeating dresses, but I wanted to see how it would feel, and believe me, I was very uncomfortable! Even though it was two different crowd. One was mostly Africans, and the other one was African-Americans. But I worried that someone would see me and wonder if I don’t have dresses [Duh, I am a designer, right?!].
And yes, I bumped into another designer! – Custom Looks. 
To you out there, I say, DO YOU! If you like the dress very much, WEAR IT AGAIN! Break that rule! – Especially if it is an Estella Couture design! lol. 
Look above, they all did it too!
Secret Tip: If you going to wear a dress twice publicly, just make sure folks and facebook picture hounds don’t catch you the first time, so that you can wear it again and again….NO! Just wear it twice and place an order for a new dress from me! You don’t want me out of business if you have to keep wearing same dress all the time! Ah!!!
Recycling is good, but NOT on a dress, more than twice, IF you walk a Red Carpet!