Uh huh! What were you expecting? A love story? lololol.

Sorry darling, the complete title of this thread is: ‘MEN, I LOVE YOUR STYLES!’
And see the pictures below to know why I simply love the styles of these men! African men can dress up too!

Ermm….Are they all spoken for? Really? Hiiiisssssssssssssssssss

Anyhoo, enjoy the men, oops! the pictures!

Dessy, you had me at the Cummerbund, BUT the dark shades???? WHY????? Arrrgh!

WHO are you drooling over? lol

Nonso! I find no fault! Heck, Scratch that! I see your SUNglasses! 

Ermmm…Philip, I am assuming that was a Black Tie/Formal event? So, where is your tie?
Anyway, let me ignore you and admire your pretty wife’s dress. 

Ramsey!!! You too???? But you got cute eyes! So, WHY are you hiding ’em??  *sigh*

RMD! The man that made many a young girl swoon in Nigeria! We all loved you.
Yes O! it is LOVED,  Not anymore!  You are spoken for. 
RMD’s Light!

RMD, you get 2 Fashion Lights! The YELLOW is for you wearing the WRONG clothes, sorta like you did NOT get the memo that it is a Red Carpet/Black Tie event?

* The GREEN light is because you look good in your business casual ensemble. Kinda GQ style. 🙂
– You missed the RED light today….Hee Hee Hee.

I love this dude! Always dressed up. [OK, sometimes over dresses too. lol,]
But I love your fashion sense Chidi! 

Original Bad Boy Jim Iyke.
Your style here is solid! I can’t take that away from you!

Majid, You are too fine it is a crime! Your wife (left) is very lucky indeed! You got good taste in suits! 

Van Vicker, looking good.
That chronometer! Wow! 
John Dumelo, I still can;t decide if I am a fan or not…But you look good.

Mike Ezuruonye, I like you when you are NOT screaming/crying/over acting in movies!  🙂
WHAT da heck are you WEARing?!!! WHO is the designer?
I LIKEEEY! You WEAR it well! 
Tuface – Nice photo shoot piece. 

Nigerian men are FYNE! 

Naeto C- croon on!
St. Obi, WHERE have you been? 

HECK! You NEVER told anyone you are conforming to fashion rules!
Denrele Rulez!
I like your spirit hun, you just carved your own style!