PLASTIC SURGERY: Who dunnit? Ask Rukky Sanda.

I am not sure if this tweet is just to get her name abuzz on tweeter, because if it is really true that she did plastic surgery, she should sue the cosmetic surgeon!

Or get  refund! Even better, IF you would a ‘next time’, please go to a high-profile surgeon! Because this your face job is smelling like a cheap job to me!My dear Rukky, surgery is NOT about $$$$$$$$$$!!! it is about HOW GOOD!!!

And THIS is NOT good! You looked prettier BEFORE!

AFTER surgery
BEFORE Surgery

Please DON’T ask me what happened? I got NO idea. But seriously, IF I was to get under the knife to alter my feature, I would do something that would make people go: “She shouldn’t have, BUT it looks good on her though” You  know what I mean?

And there are better ways to spend all that $$$$$$$$$ Rukky Sanda says she’s got. Helping in a local  charity/NGO in Nigeria would have been good too. Or even sponsoring a kid with  Cleft palate and lip would have been a more meaningful/worthwhile surgery! I am just saying.
Just in case you wanna go do another thing on your pretty self, please let these pictures below guide you. I’ve always admired you in movies as a pretty woman, please look at  these pictures (below) very well! In fact, stare at them for at least 10seconds each BEFORE you book another date under the surgeons knife to change any part of you!
OK, this is an Ad, but you get the message? lol

Click on any of the images below for a slide show of Interesting outcomes of plastic surgeries! And some of the people below are RICH! YES! Richer than you! So, they got the BEST surgeons! But, it still went WRONG!


He sure lost a lot of fans AFTER his ‘transformation’!
OK, this should have been posted in Tonto Dikeh’s Tattoo post. lol