Halima Abubakar: CONFUSED Weather Girl!

There is no way I can say this any better than my dearest friend, the Queen of Nigerian Tabloid – Stella Dimoko-Korkus’s article on this. I just could NOT resist to share this with my readers too.

STELLA’S *GOSSIP* GROOVE highlighted this image of Halima Abubakar very well! See for yourself!


  • Ear warmers!???
  • Eskimo-like boots??
  • Thick leggings/panty hose?
  • Shorts???
  • SHORT-SLEEVES top???
Halima, WHY are you confused??? [Weather-wise].
Please make up your mind IF you are really cold or not!! 
OK, let me conclude here that ONLY your ears and feet are cold???

It is rather strange that the people you posed with in the next picture are NOT so GEARED up!. Hmmmmmmm…..

Halima dear, you are WEATHER CONFUSED here! smh

She now has HAND WARMERS TOO!!!???

I will not insult any stylist by assuming they put you up in these. Something tells me this is ALL YOU!
After all, you have graced my WWandW already with this figure-killing [ALL pun intended] dress below! Being why I DID NOT feature it in the Little Black Dress Post! There are black dresses and there ARE black dresses! Hmph!!

This was you taking center stage on my Red Lights Zone! post!
The ONLY good thing on you here are your shoes!
The dress, the lace wig…..arrrrghhhhh!
I am crying! 

On the aside though, are you the same person suing Jim Iyke for N1.5million? I am just curious! Nah. I am NOT a Jim Iyke’s fan, [I met dude on a movie set and he was so freaking rude and arrogant!]…..I am just curious, that’s all! That may get you a tiny positive point with me, MAYBE!

I was reliably informed by my friend who has her ears to the ground that you are NOT the one suing Jim Iyke! Hiiiissssssssss. Now you get back to your RED Light state!

And I searched further to see if I could find a better picture of you Halima, but the more I searched, the worse it got! Check this out!! [I am posting just one].
PLEASE I really want to post a VERY GOOD picture of you, I need links please!