Monday Blues: Red Lights Zone! [Part 1]

Browsing through the Internet at African People’s websites, i see some people [who should know better] and [who earn enough money NOT to make some blunder] wear certain ‘things’ that make me go : WHAT da HECKOROO!?
Seriously, are mirrors too expensive these days or do people get the magical mirrors
that distorts their views to them? 

Do they really look at a good mirror, but still see what they want to see? NOT what the mirror is honestly, truthfully, ‘unbiasedly’ SHOWING them???
Please can you help me explain WHAT some of these people [posted below the line] are WEARing!? I totally understand if they are trying to make a fashion statement or create a trend like our dear Denrele has created for himself here on the continent! 
So, IF you are NOT Denrele or Goldie, when you are on the Red Carpet, TRY TO GET IT RIGHT! 

So, choose to make a Fashion Statement [TASTEFULLY] or drag the Red Carpet! it is your choice! You will end up here with a Red Light! 

I leave you to decide
Picture 1

Picture 2
(what’s with the panty hose in that hot climate??? And that dress?? frills or whatever?? Sigh.) And your stylist is????

Picture 3

Picture 4
This one puffed-sleeve and black patches and prints etc was too busy, that I had to post it twice, once was not enough. And this for a red carpet event???? Seriously?
To be continued…..
Till I return, please WATCH out for my Traffic Lights!
My Advise: Make sure the GREEN is shinning for you!

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