Estella Ogbonna: Fair is Fair! [updated]

I am very positive there are people who are already cussing me out right now. I can bet some bad words  has been shouted, whispered etc. I bet my new knee-high boots that some peeps have asked questions like: “Who da heck she think she is to yab my outfit?”, “So freaking what she is a designer!?”, ” She got no right to diss my style!” etc

    My blog is FAIR and REAL. I believe that I have earned the right to say what I see as wrong on the Red carpets, events, shows, etc. Besides, I am NOT exempted from being put on the spot. IF you see any picture of me at any event NOT looking the part, please point it out and I SHALL WWandW [What, Who and Wear?] myself. Or write the WWandW and I shall post it. My friends and loved ones are not exempted as well.

    By the way, CONTRIBUTORS ARE WELCOME! Please criticize constructively. 

    So, I made this butterfly tie-n-dye top the other day. I was proud that I knocked it out in less than an hour. {yeah, I like to time myself when I sew}. Anyhoo, I was rushing to pick my friends from the airport and I wore it. When got to their house, my Android phone became our camera. My girl was clicking away. And…Voila! One of my poses. 🙂
    Picture 2: Estella Ogbonna: Am I flying? Why the wings out? lolol
    Why I am writing about me? Because my dear friend Zubby saw this picture on my facebook album and wrote as a comment: ‘What, Who and Wear’
    So, I am WWandWing myself. I honestly thought the picture was not that good, but I figured, hey, It is NOT an event. 
    Facebook Cat

    More so, I am NOT one of those people that ONLY post FLAWLESS pictures of themselves on facebook. And when you see them in real life sans the fake weaves, lace wigs, fake eye lashes, rosy cheeks, perfect make-up etc, you pause in shock  and wonder if it is the same person that looked like a Hollywood Star on Facebook.
    There is a new category of Celebrities. =>Facebook Celeb, I call them.
    As for me, I post it all. Make up, no make up, while at work, behind the scenes at work [whatever, everything related to work/career].
    No, I DON’T do like this picture of the Facebook Cat.

    Being in the public eye is knowing when to dress down and when to dress up, especially if you are going to walk the Red carpet. I was at an event couple days after the above picture, and I looked like this [below].
    Picture 2
    I shall give a break to known faces when they dress down and are just being themselves around their homes and with friends. {Zubby, take note!!} :). BUT, when they step out to an event, I EXPECT STYLE! Be it Lady Gagaish, Prima Donna or Glam Belle. We, the fans expect some defined style that is pleasing, IF NOT, I’ll give the RED Light! 
    WHAT was I thinking? In picture one? I was at home!
    WHO was I WEARing? – Estella Couture
    UPDATE: December 12th, 2011.

    Due to the references to my ‘wrist watch, let me post the actual close up picture of the watch and my bolero jacket. 🙂
    Why I am posting these pictures? BECAUSE Fashion is in my blood! MY PASSION!  I KNOW fashion! YES O!
    WHEN I am not dressed UP, I may dress DOWN to a FASHION STATEMENT! 🙂

    One of my favorite accessories. This wristwatch adds bling even to the most boring outfit. 🙂

    Beaded Bolero jacket. Can be worn over any plain dress to add some elegance. 🙂