Cossy Orjiakor: Gasping for Boobs [Oops, I meant AIR]

Let me first start with this special RED LIGHT.

Ok, now to our subject. 
Errm…WHAT?? again! 

I studied Biology in Secondary school and even in University, and I CANNOT remember learning that Boobs need AIR to function!

Seriously, your boobs can be seen from the farthest traffic light 10 blocks away, sweetie, you really don’t need to be popping them out this much! And who is that dude waiting and drooling by your side? Am sure he is waiting for 12 midnight. 
Ok, in case some of you are wondering WHAT I am yabbing on about, please check out the picture below!
But a slight warning though:
Ladies with small boobs should not hate on Cossy, hers I hear is ALL Naturelle! No knife, no silicone. DON’T Hate!
Boobs gasping for Air
I guess, this is the one post that I will NOT ask WHO are you WEARing? Because the boobs are wearing you. Hee hee hee.