Uche Jombo: From Red to bad Black

Uche Jombo, please HOW did you go from this simple elegant red to black Boob-malfunction?
It is a rhetorical question, please don’t answer.

Green for GO. – Red Dress on the red carpet

WHY is your left boob almost popping out in the picture below??
The left boob would have nested more comfortably inside the one-sleeved dress better, with a better fit, if it was snug, and had a little more fabric to cushion the boobie.

STOP: Go back on Bad Black!

And this black dress…..hmmmm….WHO is your stylist? Please fire your stylist! WHO is the photographer?  WHY this point and shoot, without first arranging and setting your dress properly on the carpet? WHO selected this picture for public circulation? 
The pose is right, but, were they trying to hide your shoes? Why is the dress all bunched up in front of your feet? – NOT elegant at all! 

I am pretty sure I read somewhere that you just lost a lot of weight….or didn’t I? Never mind.  Please call me. Ama hook ya up! *wink*

And did I say fire your PR? The Nigerian publicists and celebrity agents have to start monitoring the pictures that get circulated on the major websites!

See? I was in a good PMS mood, and I just used Adobe FireWorks to fix your dress. The boobs are snuggled in well now. Sure, you can thank me later. 
And Dammit!! WHO are you WEARING???? Just when would celebrities give fashion designers due credit? [good or bad]. *rolls eyes*